We offer 2 types of Govermant approved rapid Covid -19 home test kits that provide you with trusted results within 20 minutes.


Our tests can be stored at room temperature and are marked with a 2020 sell buy date. Each test includes links to instructional videos.




3 in 1 Lateral Flow Saliva Anti Body Test: Our self administered saliva test will tell you:


  1. If you are negative
  2. Currently have levels of the virus in your system
  3. If you have had Covid, but are now fully recovered


PLEASE NOTE: The 3 in 1 test is an antibody test. If you recieve a positive result you must self isolate until you take an Antigen Swab Test. This will confirm if the levels of Covid in your system mean you are capable of still transmitting the virus.


Antigen Swab Test: Our self administered swab test will tell you if you are currently positive and capable of transmitting the virus or negative for Covid - 19 

Coronavirus Covid 19 Home Test Kit