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Covid-19 Home Testing Kits

Our home testing kits are now available, providing the most convenient way to stay safe during this current Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis. We have 2 different test kits available.


3 in 1 Lateral Flow Saliva Test: The tests provide you with not only a positive or negative result, but can also tell you if you have Covid - 19 antibodies.

Antigen Swab Test: Our swab test provides you with  a positive or negative test result.

How it Works

Order your tests through our secure online shop and they will be posted to you the next working day. The tests can be kept until you need to travel or feel you may have symptoms.

When you need to use the test, simply post your sample to us and we will deliver you results within 2 working days. If you are clear of Covid -19 we will send you the appropriate certification. A simple solution then can provide you with some much needed peace of mind.

Coronavirus Covid 19 Home Test Kit

Coronavirus Covid 19 Home Test Kit