Covid 19


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Can your Coronavirus Rapid Test detect the new strain of Covid 19?

Yes it can. Our test is approved by NHS England and is suitable for detecting the new strain of coronavirus. If you are traveling this Christmas then you can still trust our test results.

What does the test involve?

We use a lateral flow test to analyse a sample of your saliva. The sample is then put in to a vial and then we add two separate solutions that gives the result within 20 minutes.

If I test negative, can I carry on as normal?

If your test result is negative you are, at the time of the test, not carrying Covid 19. You should continue to follow the government guidelines on social distancing, handwashing and mask etc.

What happens if I test positive for Covid 19?

If you receive a positive Covid-19 test, our in-house team will assist you in booking a secondary PCR test at your local test site for free as offered by the NHS.

I will be traveling by plane/train. When should I get a test?

Please book your appointment no earlier than 72 hours before you travel. Try to book as close to this timeframe as you can and no later than 60 hours before your flight. This is to make sure you don’t book too early before you travel. If you don’t book within this timeframe it’s possible you may not receive your results in time.

Is the test suitable for all ages?

The At-Home COVID-19 Testing Service  is suitable for adults and children over the age of ten.


Anyone with coronavirus symptoms can get a free NHS COVID-19 test.

How accurate is the test?

Our swab tests are 98% accurate in all situations.

The Rapid Saliva Protein Test has been evaluated with samples of saliva. The results were compared to clinical diagnosis (based on RT-PCR, and clinical signs).

Relative specificity 92.5% (98/106), relative sensitivity 89% (132/148) and accuracy of 90.5% (230/254)

For patients’ with non-specific symptoms in the early phase (mean days post PCR of 3.3 days) relative specificity 92% (46/50), relative sensitivity 95.6% (44/46) and accuracy 93.7% (90/96). FIND OUT MORE...

Is your Covid 19 rapid test safe?

Unlike swab or blood tests, our rapid Covid 19 test is completely  non intrusive. It only requires a saliva sample provided by you on the day of our visit.

How many people are covered by a workplace visit.

Our workplace visits are priced to cover 5 members of staff. If you have a larger workforce please contact us for a personal pricing plan.

When will I get my results?

We provide you with your results during the visit. It usually takes 20 minutes to process your sample and deliver your results.

What happens if we can't make your appointment that has been pre-booked? 

In the unlikely case that this happens, Our team will offer a free test and make sure to be there within a suitable time. Again we do not foresee any issues of a sort occurring.

Are the rapid response tests certified?

Yes, all of our tests come with a UK certificate and are also fully CE regulated to adhere by European Health and Safety Standards.

What happens if I receive an inconclusive result?

In the rare occasion your tests come back with an inconclusive result, we will administer another test free of change.